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The Masterlooter is asking for your input. 

Feel free to post comments to your favorite posts, both positive and negative.  Disagree with something I’m saying?  Lemme know and I’ll tell you why you’re wrong.  🙂

If you dont have anything to say, you can always just rate the page.  At the top of each post are 5 gold stars you can use to rate the page.  Just click on the appropriate star to give the topic 1 – 5 stars. 

This will help me post potentially more informative and interesting posts, rather than the same ol’ stuff. 

Thanks as always, and pass the word if you find anything here particularly usefull.

Raid on.


The Icing on the Cake.

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Flasks and Elixirs

Any player can have 1 Flask active at a time, or 2 Elixirs – 1 Battle and 1 Guardian.

For the most part flasks to give slightly more benefit than having 1 of each Elixir (by about 10%). This both due to pure itemization, but also because certain Elixirs don’t do much for certain specs. Melee DPS doesn’t get much use out of any of the Gaurdian Elixirs for example, while tanks get little use from Battle Elixirs (depending on gear level).

Flasks also persist through death, while Elixirs fade just as any other buff when you die. Which means even though Elixirs are generally about 1/3 as expensive as a flask, if you are dieing often, Flasks are actually cheaper in the long run, while also offering better buffs..

If you anticipate dieing fairly often (progression content) Flasks are always the best option for both your coin purse, and your performance.

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Baby Steps

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or –

How I Learned to Love Extra Credit Achievements

My guild has only just recently been trying for hard mode encounters in Ulduar.  We started off doing only 10 man, and just about as we got Yogg-saron dead, the guild grew large enough to do 25 man.   This of course required us to take a small step back to gear the newer players.  I am just now feeling comfortable enough to start working on the hard modes for some bosses. 

I won’t lie – the hard modes for us were really……hard.  For every failed attempt at the hard mode encounters, I realized that we could have taken smaller steps toward learning the mechanics of each fight rather than jumping headlong into the hardest versions of them.

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Raid Rules: Sticking to Your Guns

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One of the hardest things for a new raider to deal with is a change. This could be in the form of  changing factions, servers or guilds.  It could also be a change of Raid Leader(s) within the same guild, or a schedule shift. 

You as a Raid Leader can minimize changes to your raiders by sticking to your guns.  Whatever you want to do, whatever your goals are in raiding – once you decide on them, stick to them

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I’m sure everyone gets frustrated with other players at some point or another.  For me, more often than not, I find myself frustrated at a player not for what they do, but what they say.

I’m by no means the most knowledgeable player in this World of Warcraft, but I’d have to say that I probably know more than the average Joe.  I try to understand as much about my own class as I can, along with everything relating to raid encounters.  I also try to optimize the things I can do to help the others I’m playing with.  This makes whatever I’m doing quicker, easier, more efficient for everyone. 

It really gets under my skin when players say things that are incorrect, and it bugs the crap outta me when things are done  extremely inefficiently.

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Badge gear (Part 3)

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The Ugly

In Part 1 of my Badge gear synopsis, I outlined some good things that the badge gear system gives us.  In Part 2, I noted some bad parts of the system.  If you read Part 2, you’ll know as a whole, I dislike the badge system. 

But we have do deal with it.  It’s not going anyway anytime soon, if ever.  So what do we do about it?

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PvE, meet PvP

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Those that know me know I don’t really care for PvP much.  At least I didn’t used to.  I’m slowly noticing that I want to PvP more in the past few months or so.  Some of it has to do with completing my own personal PvE goals, and therefore having more time on my hands.  But some of it also has to do with just plain liking PvP. 

One thing I noticed a week or two ago is how PvP experience can transfer over to PvE success if done correctly. 

“Ande, you’re talking crazy talk.”   Yeah…probably, but hear me out. 

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