Guild rules

Additonal raid Q&A and rules for Static Progression guild members

Q:  Why are we using GDKP and not another loot system like DKP or EPGP?

A:  First, because there are nearly zero negative attributes to this system while keeping all the postive attributes of the above systems. 

Secondly, since we are a pretty small guild right now, we anticipate needing to PUG raiders to actually raid.  This system works very well when a guild transitions between running PUG raids to running guild-only raids (and back again if needed). 

Thirdly, DKP and EPGP are lost when you transfer a guild.  There also has to be special rules set up regarding alts, etc. Gold is universal.  If a player gets a bunch of gear in a DKP system, then leaves, his guild members have nothing except an empty raid spot to fill.  In a GDKP system, the raider may have got a lot of gear, but he payed well for it most likely, and that money was distributed to those that helped him – and will still be there if/when he leaves.  It discourages joining the guild to get “free loots”, then transfering somewhere else.

Q:  What are the rules for GDKP?

A:  Go here, then come back and read the rest of this when you’re done.

Q: How much gold will I need?  How much will items go for, etc?

A:  I’m not sure if we’ll implement a minimum gold amount to join the raid for guild-only runs.  Note though, that for runs where we PUG, you probably should have at least the minimum for whatever we set for the PUG raiders.

In Cataclysm, I imagine the minimum bid will be around 2,000 gold for any item, perhaps higher. 

Q:  I’m in the guild.  If I bring an alt, an I considered being “boosted” even though I raid just fine on my main?

A:  Most likely, yes.  It’s purely performance based, so if you can perform at the level as the rest of the raid (the mains) then you will not be considered “boosted”.  If you can not, then you are “boosted” and rules apply as such.  Also keep in mind – some players may not want to take your alt through an instance that they have done 20x all ready.  I understand that when we were all in blue gear we all did XXX DPS and it took us 3 hours to kill 2 bosses.  But we are now better and more experienced, and can kill 6 bosses in 3 hours now.  Slowing down the speed of a regular run due to alts means that mains can not get loot from bosses further in an instance.  Some incentive may be needed for them to come at all – this is where the “boosted” rule can help out.

Rules not yet implemented, but “on the table”

  • The “failure” rule.  If you do something that causes a wipe (overaggro, fail to dispel/CC/interupt, whatever) then you pay the raid a predetermined fee since you caused them repair bills and lost progression time. 
  • If there are players labled as being “boosted” – players not labeled as “boosted” in the previously mentioned caveats will receive extra payment per boss killed.  This amount will likely be 1/10th the minimum bid ammount per boss – subject to Raid Leaders ruling.  This amount will be taken from the “main pot” and payed at the end of the run prior to dispersing the pot to all players.  This rule does not apply if there are no “boosted” players in the raid.

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