GDKP Raid Rules

The Raid Rules

These will be inforced for any raid where the Raid Leader is a member of Static Progression, unless otherwise stated.  Raid Leaders may use and link to this page for supplementary instructions.

Loot will be distributed via GDKP.

(If you do not know what GDKP is, there is a very detailed explanation at the Elitist Jerks site).

  • Minimum amount of gold for entry will be determined by the Raid Leader at time of invite.
  • Minimum bid and bid increment will be determined by Raid Leader before at least the first boss kill, and can vary by item type/item class. 
  • Loot dropping from trash mobs will be handled in the same manner as boss loot described below.
  • Loot will not necessarily be auctioned and distributed after every boss kill (including trash drops), but will be before the 2 hour “loot trade” timer is up.  This will be at the Raid Leader’s discretion to allow the Raid Leader to speed up the flow of the raid as applicable.
  • All bids will be announced in Raid chat.  All bids must follow minimum bid and incremental bid rules as set up by the Raid Leader. 
  • Winning bids must be payed to the Raid Leader immediately after winning the auction.  Players will not be allowed to leave, or log to alternate characters to transfer funds after the start of the raid.  Players unable to pay for winning bids due to lack of funds will automatically lose the item to the next highest bidder, and will not be allowed to bid on further items for the duration of the instance.  These players may be removed from the raid at the Raid Leader’s discretion, and are subject to “leaving early” rules as stated below.
  • No item has a maximum bid, and no items are reserved.  The Raid Leader does not get any extra compensation for being the Raid Leader. 
  • Loot is not auctioned off by role or spec.  Anyone can bid on any item so long as they can pay for it and use it.  (Obviously no Warriors bidding on Cloth, etc).  I.E. No “main spec before off spec” rule.  Highest bidder wins it.
  • Items that do not recieve a minimum bid will be disenchanted.  ALL enchanting materials will then be auctioned off in a single lot (all mats will be bid on once) starting at approximately 1/2 of the market value of the combined items.  This money will go into the main pool. 
  • At the Raid Leader’s discretion – players may be removed from the raid for poor performance at any time.  This includes, but is not limited to;
    • For DPS players
      • Abysmally low DPS numbers, unless labeled as being “boosted” as mentioned in the “Caveat” section below.
      • Continually over-aggroing the tank
    •  For Healers
      • Abysmally low healing output, unless labeled as being “boosted” as mentioned in the “Caveat” section below.
    • For Tanks
      • Continual inability to perform tank-specific duties such as;  holding ample threat, picking up loose adds.
    • All players (including those labeled as being “boosted” as mentioned in the “Caveat” section below)
      • Continual inability to act or react to the same mechanic. (I.E. Failing to move out of “the fire” every single time.
      • Failing to perform encounter specific tasks such as dispelling, interupting, crowd controlling.
      • Purposefully causing the raid to wipe by pulling addional mobs, or other malicious acts.
      • Going AFK continually without warning, or continual disconnects that affect performance on encounters.
  • Any player leaving the raid early will not be awarded his/her share of the pot.  This includes players removed (kicked) via the above rules.
  • The pot will be distributed when the last boss is killed, or when the Raid Leader declares the run will no longer continue.  At that time, all raid members will receive an equal amount of gold, rounded down to the nearest integer – with exceptions as noted in the following section.

Caveats and Addendums

  • Players may be labeled as “boosted” if their performance is noted to be below standards.  This can be declared at any time (as to avoid being removed), but is typically announced before the start of the instance.  These players are allowed to have lower healing and DPS numbers, but should still display competence by not standing in the fire and dispelling/interupting (as above). 
  • Players labeled as “boosted” should be bidding on nearly an item that is an upgrade (within reason).  The point of being “boosted” is that the rest of the group is compensating for your lack of DPS/healing.  The point of carrying others, is to receive monetary compensation for taking an underperforming player.  There’s a difference between being “boosted” and being “carried”.  We are willing to help “boost” skilled players with lower gear, but are not willing to “carry” players with no skill (regardless of gear).  Players labeled as “boosted” that continually do not bid on items that are clear upgrades may lose their “boosted” status and are subject to removal from the raid (unless they spent a ton of money and are now broke – I.E. 4 or more items).


Q: But I’m afraid you will steal all my money at the end of the run. 

A: First, read these 2 posts: —

Secondly, if you still aren’t satisfied, I implore you to report the incident to a GM via the in-game interface.  If desired you can also put up a post on the forums, or bash the player in Trade chat.  The fact that I took the time to make this post should be enough in and of itself to say we wouldn’t scam anyone out of their gold. 

Q:  How much money do items go for?

A:  It depends on how many players want the item and how much they are willing to spend.  All I can gaurantee is that items will not go below the minimum bid.  For lesser desired items, or if you are the only one that wants it – it will likely be relatively cheap.  Highly sought items will most likely be quite expensive.

Q:  But I don’t want to spend a lot of money for gear, I’d rather just roll on it.

A:  Then GDKP is not for you.  I would recommend finding another run to go on, or if you are a Static Progression guild member, I would recommend finding another guild.

Q:  I don’t get this being “boosted” thing. 

A:  Assume you have a main character that has all the gear he/she could ever want from a raid instance.  You have an alt that just reached max level, and would now like to start gearing that character.  As you like have a lot of money to spend, but no raid to join –  a GDKP raid is perfect for you.  Assuming you can move out of the fire, it’s OK if you do a little less DPS/healing as others, as you’ll be contributing to the raid by winning bids on multiple items and growing the pot for others.  This also applies to lower geared main characters.  Basically – we are accepting that we may not progress as far as normal with an undergeared player (or as fast), but are willing to sacrifice slightly less progression for a larget GDKP pot. 

Q:  I’m still not convinced.  I don’t think GDKP is worth it.

A:  Assume you spend 1k gold on an item you really want and there is 10k gold at the end of the run of a 10-man instance.  Each player will be payed 1k gold each at the end.  You basically got your item for free, while others that did not win anything, got some gold as compensation.  If you do not like GDKP there’s likely nothing I can do or say to change your mind.  But if you have never been to a GDKP run, I would highly encourage you to at least try it out.  Worst case scenario – you get no gear, but come out with a few hundred, or even a few thousand gold.  Beast case – you get the item(s) you were after and either payed a little for them, or came out even. 

Q:  A lot of these rules seem pretty harsh.  Are you going to kick me if I stand in the fire 1 time?

A:  Probably not.  We’re not really jerks, and like to have a good time raiding, while also getting the job done.  This is more of an insurance policy for us to ensure that each player carries his/her own wieght in the raid, and isn’t slacking.  I know if you are assigned to CC or something that your DPS/healing numbers will be lower becasuse you are focusing on other tasks.  I understand that EVERYONE stands in the fire for a second or 2 once in a while.  We’re more talking about players that stand in the fire for multiple seconds on multiple bosses. 

No one is perfect, but everyone should be able to learn from their mistakes – especially if you are told how to correct them.  If you are having to be “advised” multiple times on the same mechanic over and over again, you will be removed.

Q:  Where do I go for questions pertaining to Static Progression guild-only runs.

A:  Firstly, make sure you read this in its entirety.  Secondly, head here.


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