Holy Trinity 2.0 – Intro

(Note: this entire series is mostly just me putting my thoughts on (virtual) paper for later reference, clarity and for some sort of organization.  even though it’s written in the style as a regular blog post. For clarification on acronym reference and other info read the prelude.)

Here’s what got me thinking about this in the first place.

Tanks and Healers “learn” immediately. 
For Healers – not enough heals = people die.
For Tanks – mob wasn’t positioned correctly and killed/damaged others.  Threat, etc.

Not only that, for the most part, they know WHY they failed.  Didn’t dispel quick enough, didn’t taunt, didn’t use my cooldown, healed the wrong target, etc

DDs don’t have the opportunity learn quickly, ignoring non-universal duties such as interupting, CC, etc.  An individual DD’s damage is combined into a pool of all the others in the raid.  Arguably the best indicator of DD failure is “standing in the fire” and dieing, thus dropping DPS output to zero for the remainder of the fight (I hesitate to include this as Tanks and Healers can also do the same, and thus isn’t a DD specific duty).  Aside from that it’s not until AFTER the fight is over when you can tell if an individual player is pulling their weight (typically).  Even more so, you typically can’t find out which specific DD is underperforming (or if you can figure that out which specific DD failed – WHY did he fail?) without utilizing 3rd party resources (combat log parsers/addons).  There’s nothing in a boss fight that pops out and says “DD you failed!”, like there is for Tanks and Healers. The best DDs can do without 3rd party help is how well they “feel” they are performing.

At least in my totally biased opinion.

So the lesson is Ande hates DDs?? What does this have to do with the Trinity?  I think most players will agree that Tanks generally have enough to worry about in a boss fights, as do healers.  Most might also agree that many times DDs have very little to worry about – at least in comparison to their tanking and healing counterparts.

Again remember that some things are not DD specific, and thus I do not include them as “something DD has to do”, such as “moving out of fire” or watching for various other mechanics.  Everyone in the raid does that.  Tanks and Healers do those too – in additon to their role specific duties.

The general idea is to make DDs responsible for themselves more – make it so that others can not as easily compenstate for their failures such as in tanking or healing.  What do I mean by that?  As above (generally speaking) the only on-the-fly way to recognize DD failure is “standing in the fire”, but (also as above) that is not a failure specific to DDs as Tanks and Healers can do the same.  Also, typically, when a DD stands in the fire and does not die – it’s now the responsibility of the Healer to heal him back up before he does die. 

A very bad DD failure results in a death, thus likely hurting the rest of the group.  Bad DD failures put pressure on the rest of the group to overcome said failure – whether from lack of DPS, standing in the fire. 

Tanks and Healers have a certain synergy between them.  DDs have very little between either, and most of it isn’t specific to the DD role, but generally applied to all in the group.

So the next few posts will introduce possible changes to this model without removing it.  There will still be a need for Tanks, Healers and DDs, except that their responsibilities would change within group encounters.


~ by Andenthal on December 16, 2011.

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