Raid Rules: Sticking to Your Guns

One of the hardest things for a new raider to deal with is a change. This could be in the form of  changing factions, servers or guilds.  It could also be a change of Raid Leader(s) within the same guild, or a schedule shift. 

You as a Raid Leader can minimize changes to your raiders by sticking to your guns.  Whatever you want to do, whatever your goals are in raiding – once you decide on them, stick to them


Keep a consistent schedule as much as possible.  Even “casual” raiders (which BTW I hate that phrase – post INC) need at least a hint of a raid schedule so they can plan to be there.  Most players I know plan their non-WoW activities around raid events and vice versa.  The more predictable the raid scheduling will be, the greater chance the raid will have of being successful.

That’s not to say to NEVER change your raid schedule, but big changes should be kept to a minimum.  When my guild went from doing 10 mans to 25 mans, we realized that the other 15 players could not easily make our raid days.  We adjusted them slightly so that the vast majority of players could play the most days.


I’m not going to go into how I think you should handle loot in your raids.  What I will say is that no matter which method of loot distribution you choose stick to it.  Don’t change it up 1/2 way through the raid, and if you’re doing the same instance multiple days in the same lockout period – try to keep it the same throughout.  If you’re going to change loot rules do so before the start of a new, fresh instance.  Also be sure each player knows the rules ahead of time, whether it’s writen on a website, or typed into raid chat.  No one can argue any rule you come up with – just make sure the players know so ahead of time. 

If you’re going to make a rule where Balance Druids can’t roll on Cloth, or Holy Paladins can’t roll on Mail – or whatever – don’t change it.  Loot is probably the single highest motivator for most raidsers, especially PUGs.  Changing the way players are allowed to roll on gear from one boss to the next is a sure way to have 24 disgruntled players in your raid. 

Start/End Times

As stated above, many players  schedule non-WoW activities around their WoW playtime.  This goes hand-in-hand with proper scheduling.  If you say you’re going to start at 6:00pm – start at 6:00pm.  Most players are OK with a 5-10 minute disprepency in actual start time compared to advertised start time – but don’t press your luck.  Especially if you’re runing a PUG, many players can easily become impatient if the raid starts to look like it’s not going to get off the ground on-time.  Begin pulls within 5 minutes maximum from the advertised start time, and you’ll show yourself as a collected and confident raid leader. 

The same is true with end times.  If you state it will be a 3 hour raid, stop it when it reaches the 3 hour marker.  Many players like to keep a raid going if it is doing extremely well, to try and finish it in one night, but some players do not.  If every player in your raid wants to continue the raid beyond it’s advertised time, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But unless you have the buy-off of 100% of your raiders, call it quits when you said you would is the right thing to do.  If opting to continue, remember to be mindful of players in other timezones.  Even though it’s only 8:45pm for me here on the west coast, it’s nearly midnight for my EST brethren. 

Just do it®

It basically comes down to do what you said you would do.  It’s your raid, no one can tell you how to run it.  If you say Warriors can roll on Cloth Spell Power gear, then that’s the rule.  Just so long as you stick to your guns, no one can question you, and you’ll prove yourself as a confident and capable raid leader.

Raid on


~ by Andenthal on September 18, 2009.

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