Killing Bosses vs Getting Loot

I’ve noticed in my time in WoW that there are generally 2 types of people that raid – or want to raid at least.  Those that want to kill bosses, and those that want loot. 

Lewt Whores

Let’s not kid ourselves.  We all play this game to get some sort of rewards from it in the form of specially placed and colored pixels.   If we were still raiding the Coliseum with the same blue quest gear we had in November, we’d be bored to death by now.  Everyone loves a gear upgrage regardless of what they say.  But players want those upgrades for different reasons. 

The ones that are after the loot, all the loot, and nothing but the loot are easy to see.  They link the latest weapon or armor in chat often, then immediately dash off to their favorite WoW db site to look up which boss/instance drops it.  They rarely know any boss strategies and have about zero rep with Sons of Hodir

They are the players pestering the Masterlooter, “zomg I need that” before the loot is even announced in raid chat.  Before the first pull of the evening they typically ask, “are we going to kill <insert boss that drops phat lewts here>?”  (Which, BTW, is a stupid ass question, regardless of context.)   

These players typcially do not bother to farm heroic 5 man instances for 1 upgrade as it’s far inferior to the uber leet gear they could be getting elsewhere.  They often don’t bother to gem or enchant their blue or lower quality epic gear because, “It’ll be upgraded really soon anyways”.

See also: constant damage meter linker, “it’s never my fault” guy, “why didn’t I get any heals?” guy, ninja AFK guy, never bring any flasks/food guy, “does anyone have a repair bot” guy, stand in the fire all night long guy.

Boss Killers

Then there are players that just plain want to kill bosses – whatever it takes.  These are the players that know boss strats days and weeks ahead of time.  These are the ones farming resistance gear.  (BTW – did the Lich King forget about resistance based fights?  WTB level 80 Molten Core, PST).  They have every piece of gear that they can get from quests, badges, and the AH, and can only get upgrades from the latest instance.

These players strive to better themselves before they even step foot in the instance.  They know it takes a lot of hard work to successfully drop a raid boss. 

They don’t raid to get gear, they get gear to raid.

See also:  show up 15 mins early guy, “yes I have extra flasks” guy.


As I said above, we all want to get more gooder gear.  That’s at least part of the reason you even log in to the game at all.  But it’s all about priorities, what you’re thinking of when you enter an instance/encounter.  Help your raid leader out – be dedicated to the task at hand.  And more often than not, it means preparing hours, days, or weeks ahead of time.  But also understand that part of raid preperation is knowing what gear drops from where, and what is an upgrade for you.  It’s not wrong to want a piece or 3 of gear – just don’t lust for it.

Always remember; once you kill this boss, there’s another one waiting for you just down the hallway.  It could be the last boss of the instance, or it could be the first boss in the next instance.  For any of you doing Coliseum raids, you’re not replacing Ulduar gear, you’re preparing to kill Icecrown bosses. 

The leetest, uberest Naxx/Malygos/Sarth3D gear has been replaced many times over all ready.  If all you can focus on is replacing this or that piece of gear, you will never be a truely successful raider.  Today’s best in slot, is tomorrow’s off spec gear.  Get the gear to raid – don’t raid to get the gear.


~ by Andenthal on September 9, 2009.

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