Badge gear (Part 1)

This is one of the things in WoW I both love and hate.

The good.

Badge gear does have some good benefits.  Tired of farming the same instance over and over and over again for just 1 specific drop?  With badge gear, you can do any heroic(s) you like just a few times and earn enough badges to buy an equivalent item from a vendor.  This is great for players cursed with terrible RNG.  It also gives incentive for players to help others out, even when they don’t need anything from that particular instance.  If you’re lucky getting your main set of gear from mostly drops, you can use your badges to buy 2nd or 3rd sets of gear.

From a guild recruitment standpoint, the badge gear also plays another role.  It tells me about a player’s determination – or lack thereof.  A player’s experience in an actual raid environment is invaluable.  There are some things you can’t learn from a strategy guide about raid instances as a whole.  You just kinda have to be there to learn it.   But for players that do not have the opportunity to raid, badge gear provides a little insight as to what kind of player you’re looking at.

It’s very easy to tell the motivated, dedicated players from the ones that just want to go through the motions and get shinnies with as little effort as possible.  Early in WotLK, I remember seeing many players with a few Deadly Gladiator pieces – and mostly blues otherwise – applying to my guild.  When asked why they had no badge gear, and very little Heroic 5 man experience their reply was usually something like, “I don’t have the time for that.”  “It’s too hard to farm all that gear” etc etc.

Eh?  First off, you’re applying to a raiding guild and you don’t have time to raid and/or think that farming 5 mans for gear is too hard?  I can’t even begin to understand the “logic” behind this.  Do they really think that raids are easier as a whole than 5 mans?  Secondly, you don’t have time for a quickie 5 man once or twice a day, but you have time to farm 100k honor to buy crappy PvP gear?  Badge gear is very, very similar to PvP gear bought wtih honor.  You don’t have to run any specific battleground, just which ever you like the most, or is easier to get into, or gives the most honor.  Badge gear is the exact same thing.  Just pick whichever instance you like the most, or people are doing the most, and get free epix after just a few runs.  Easy!

Players with lots of raid experience will always catch the eye of a guild recruiter.  But in lieu of solid raid experience, badge gear shows that a player has the determination and dedication to make his/her character the best it can be with what is available.  Not every player has the opportunity to raid, whether it be from RL scheduling conflicts, or their guild doesn’t raid for one reason or another.  But every player does have the ability to better themselves – and getting every available gear upgrade is one of the easiest ways to do so.


~ by Andenthal on September 4, 2009.

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