5 Things I Wish my Raiders Knew

This is just for me personally as a raid leader. Each raid leader has his/her own peeves and allowances. Obviously you can’t expect these things when leading a PUG raid (which is 1/2 of why I rarely do that anymore). But I feel when you’re in a guild that’s serious about raiding, there’s no reason raiders can’t follow these guidelines to help your raid leader out a bit.

Here they are in no particular order….

1 – “Well, my guild did it this way.”

Fairly relevant to current content (Coliseum), when newer players use that unwelcome statement. Usually happens after only 1 or 2 wipes on a new boss. Not only is that usually completely out of line for a player to question the raid leader, but 9 times out of 10, the player isn’t taking the current situation fully into account. I understand your last guild had a Fire Mage tank all 950 mobs in the middle of the room so the raid could just AE them down. All we have is 3 Affliction Warlocks, now what?

As far as I remember, you left your last guild to come to mine. I.E. I don’t give a shit what they did. If you wanna do it their way, I’m sure they’ll take you back no issues. This is a different guild/raid with different class and skill compositions. I’m taking all this into consideration thinking of strategies, not just reclycling what I saw on the youtube video.

2 – If you know you need to take an AFK – do so during trash.

I understand that there are some things that can not be planned for and need to be taken care of ASAP – nothing we can do about that. Nothing is more frustrating than being 1/2 way through my explanation of the fight when I see in raid chat “brb bio”. Not only does that intice others to also AFK (“Oh, we’re taking a break now?”), it makes everyone wait for that player to get back. Even on the handful of trash pulls in Ulduar that we use CC on, we will still do just fine with only 20 players there. I have no clue why so many people wait until we get to the boss to bio or get a drink.

If you’re house isn’t on fire, wait until after the boss to AFK. Quit glance at the loots to see if you want anything, then quickly whisper whomever is responsible for you, and AFK. Please, please, please, don’t say it in raid chat. In my raids, we usually take a 5-10 min break about 1/2 way through the 3 hour raid anyway. If you need to get away at some other time, just toss me a whisper during trash, and we’re good to go.

3 – There are 25 of us.

Yep, it’s true. The other 24 of us did not follow you into the raid instance so you could get all the shineys, or otherwise do whatever you wanted. All raiders need to understand that a good raid leader is going things for the good of the raid – all 25 of you. If he/she asks a Hunter to go stand in the corner and feed his pet – that’s what needs to be done for the raid to be successful.

One specific event where this really got on my nerves was when doing Kologarn, someone suggested we try for the With Arms Wide Open achievement. I give a quick overview of what’s different between the achievement and the way we normally do it, with emphasis on 1 part in particular – “Lay off the AE DPS!!!”

One of my raiders responded with, “If I can’t do any AE, my DPS will be significantly hindered.” Really? Significantly?. You’re the one special snowflake in the raid that does lower DPS on single target vs AE damage? Hardly. Show me one other class/spec that does better on single target than on AE. When you’re done, come back down to reality. Thank you Prof. Holmes for pointing out to me that you do less damage when you’re not able to AE. This just struck me as a really stupid statement. What do you do on single target mobs? Still casting Blizzard? According to Elistist Jerks, Concecrate is only good if there are more than 4+ targets. I’d imagine most of the other classes AE abilities are similar. I know Warriors in particular still get good DPS when using Bladestorm on single targets. But at the same time it’s not like their DPS goes from 4k -> 2k if they are forced not to use it….

TL;DR – I don’t care about your personal performance for each individial fight. The player that does zero DPS, but allows us to kill the boss via CC, or clicking orbs, or whatever – is worth far more than the player doing 5k DPS and making the other 24 players compensate for him.

4 – Whispering me before a raid.

Usually something like “Have invites gone out yet?” “Am I getting in tonight?” When confronted the player usually responds with something like, “Well, I just wanted to know, sheesh.” What they don’t understand is that the other 29 people wanting to get in also “just wanted to know.” You can not expect a Raid Leader to whisper each of the 25+ players individually to questions like these.

5 – Unnecessary talking over Ventrilo.

Mostly when learning new content and I’m trying to figure out what killed who and why the raid wiped. I don’t need a disertation on why the boss hit you and the various mechanics about your class. Just keep it simple, “Got hit by a 20k fireball.” “Stood in the fire like an idiot.” Perfect, thank you, let’s move on.


~ by Andenthal on September 2, 2009.

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